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02 Oct 2020

How to install AMQP on macOS

I recently wanted to install the AMQP extension for PHP version 7.4, but ran into some issues on macOS. It should be a...
28 Sep 2020

What did you undesign?

In the video above Eric Berger from Ars Technica asks the question on how Elon Musk and the team at SpaceX build the iteration...
05 May 2020

Deploying an application using Dokku (with https and redirects)

If you are creating a web application, you have to deploy it at some point. Most of the time I choose a service or prov...
14 Nov 2019

Setup Let's Encrypt with Nginx

When I migrated my VPS (with Ubuntu) to an other host, I needed to setup Nginx again with Let's...
08 Nov 2019

Retrieve submodules with Git

Yesterday I had a really difficult time with pulling in a submodule from an old git repository I had laying around. I t...
26 Aug 2019

Never. Forget. Backups.

Unfortunately DigitalOcean had a node failure yesterday in their AMS3 data center. And sadly my virtual machine running...